Facilitation & Meeting Effectiveness

Meetings are a microcosm of an organization’s culture and meetings without purpose are a waste of time. Effective meetings are indicative of a healthy organization and include authentic dialogue, collaboration, results oriented conversations and future actions.


A professional facilitator provides a neutral, focused perspective to meetings and their outcomes. through greater participation, agenda, role definitions, clearly identified expectations, and action items.


Skills required include:

·                     Agenda Development

·                     Knowledge of ice breaker methods

·                     Ability to manage time constraints

·                     Ability to build consensus

·                     Ability to differentiate pertinent issues

·                     Ability to synthesize outcomes

·                     Ability to accurately record decisions & actions

·                     Business credibility

·                     Appropriate experience for the group composition


Blackburn Advisory facilitates meetings for all kinds of groups, including corporate boards, project teams, communities, small and large businesses and government agencies.


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