Strategic Planning & Business Plans

Strategic plans and business plans serve different purposes.  A strategic plan includes longer range goals, with the understanding that shorter term objectives and tactics must be flexible.  A business plan includes detail for responsibility, quantifiable measurements, operations and analysis.


To use a sports metaphor, a strategic plan could be a plan for the whole season, taking into consideration the schedule of teams, when athletes should peak and depth of talent of players.  The game plan for any given game would be the business plan, with immediate actionable items, specific plays and identified roles for each player.  The team trains and plans for the longer strategic plan, but implements the game or business plan.


Recognizing that organizations differ in their missions and composition, BAS helps each client develop the most appropriate method for designing their Strategic Plan and  in conjunction with the client, develops the most appropriate method of creating strategic plans that can be implemented.


Business plans include operational sections and BAS works with Clients to identify, prioritize and analyze market, management, personnel and budget issues associated with business planning.