Strategic Planning & Business Plans

Strategic plans and business plans serve different purposes. A strategic plan includes longer range goals, with the understanding that shorter term objectives and tactics must be flexible. A business plan includes detail for responsibility, quantifiable measurements, operations and analysis.

To use a sports metaphor, a strategic plan could be a plan for the whole season, taking into consideration the schedule of teams, when athletes should peak and depth of talent of players. The game plan for any given game would be the business plan, with immediate actionable items, specific plays and identified roles for each player. The team trains and plans for the longer strategic plan, but implements the game or business plan.


Business Health & Operational Assessments

Improved health and performance requires investment in people, systems and infrastructure. Such an investment does not always require additional personnel or resources. It could simply be a matter of re-deploying existing resources. With efficiency as the primary goal, BAS identifies existing strengths and provides the methodology to capitalize on existing resources and infrastructure.

Prescription for Business Success - Business RX

Review this business health checklist and determine if your organization could benefit from a BAS program:

  1. Are your employees eager to contribute?
  2. Do they often suggest ideas for improving the company?
  3. Are all levels of employees encouraged to contribute?
  4. Is there an element of trust within the organization?
  5. Are the company leaders positive thinkers?
  6. Is mutual respect towards all employees a core value of your company?

Executive & Team Coaching

The best athletes in the world have coaches. Why wouldn’t a business leader have a coach? Coaching provides motivation, accountability, new strategies and tactics and de-briefs on how the organization or individual is performing, whether on the field or off.

BAS will develop a customized approach and strategy that identifies you and your company’s unique strengths, abilities and challenges. Also, to be considered are behaviors, attitudes and aptitudes that may be hold you or your organization from their highest performance.


Organization Planning

A well articulated mission and understanding of core values and strengths provides the infrastructure for a high performing organization. The underlying organizational structure, leadership, processes and benchmarking methodology of results are what provide the sustainability of the organization.

Since 2003, BAS has worked with private sector and public sector organizations to help them assess their current situation, identify issues and create solutions with specific measurable action items to achieve results.

Accountability is the key to success so a benchmark methodology is created that assures responsibility and adaptation plans can be implemented when necessary. BAS uses a critical path method that captures the key initiatives and lines of responsibility within organizations. A collaborative leadership approach through interviews, written feedback surveys, and facilitated dialogue is utilized with a professional facilitator to assure that ideas from throughout the organization are thoughtfully considered.

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