Executive & Team Coaching

Executive & Team Coaching

The best athletes in the world have coaches. Why wouldn’t a business leader have a coach? Coaching provides motivation, accountability, new strategies and tactics and de-briefs on how the organization or individual is performing, whether on the field or off.

BAS will develop a customized approach and strategy that identifies you and your company’s unique strengths, abilities and challenges. Also, to be considered are behaviors, attitudes and aptitudes that may be hold you or your organization from their highest performance.

Great leaders ask questions in a non-threatening and non-judgmental manner. Acting as coaches, advisors and facilitators, our areas of focus often include:

  • Change Management – Leadership in times of change, in or out of your control
  • Self-Awareness – Emotional Intelligence about the leadership of the team
  • Identification of goals: company, team, division, personal
  • Team Building & Management: Creating and maintaining a high performance team
  • Identifying the “key” issues to be focused on, cull the rest.
  • Conflict Management – Especially during times of change and disruption
  • Communication: Knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it and who to say it to.

Improved Result

A business coach helps discover new ways to make improvements through partnering and defining what it is you want to accomplish.

Without a road map, you end up wandering around, wasting valuable time and resources, not to mention losing talent that doesn’t want to be on a rudderless ship.

Benchmarking is critical to the starting point so you can measure where you want to be in terms of improved results. This means benchmarking your own company as well as your competitors.

BAS provides practical advice that is culled from the collaborative process. The team creates the objectives and methods of achieving them are part of the creative genius of having multiple people with different strengths pulling together to solve problems.

Operational Focus: Regardless of the type of business, the program is customized for your organization’s purpose and future.


Leveraging your time is a key to success. It is an asset that once spent you can never get back. Effective coaching results in improved time management.

What is it costing you to do these activities?

New Perspective

Evaluating alternative options provides greater opportunities for business success. An effective coach stimulates thinking in an objective manner that results in broader range of opportunities.

There are many ways to get even the most reluctant team members to participate. We utilize several strategies and tactics to capture what everyone has to say.

  • Having a process that integrates team-building into the everyday vocabulary. Not one day “touchy-feeling” jumping off tall structures activities.
  • Utilizing assessment tools and facilitated conversations where exploring new ideas is safe. Understanding the “back stories” of the other team members.
  • Having off-site meetings is recommended to get the team away from the day-to-day operations is recommended.
  • Consciously deciding who is on the leadership team and making their aware of the expectations of this honor.

Think blockchain and how this technology is disrupting financial markets, retailing and a myriad of soon to be outdated business models.


Oral, written and physical communication are key indicators of leader success. A business coach can help improve message delivery.

We recognize that not everyone communicates, receives or interprets messages the same way. We provide methods, help create the messaging and set up situations where messages about the company, its future, the future of the employees, competitors is regarded as timely, relevant and never dull.


Developing goals and objectives determine focus and expectations. They help guide activities that in turn are prioritized and focused. A coach helps you define, re-define and generate appropriate actions to achieve your specific milestones and goals.

The Two C”s “Confidence & Confidentiality”

A business coach provides support and is a sounding board for new ideas. A coach is also a confidant. You can talk to your coach about issues that would not be appropriate to share with others in your company. What is said to a coach, stays with the coach.

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